Classic Specialities

The Classic Specialities Menu varies according to the seasons and offers haute cuisine, as well as classic and creative recipes.

The dishes are made with attention to the smallest details: from the rigorous selection of raw materials, to the zealous pursuit of genuine and rare flavors, which often arise from small craft traditions.

You will find fresh home-made pasta, fish in all shapes and sizes, patè maison and succulent steak tartares which are prepared with the finest cuts of meat, fillets, and t-bone steaks.

Autumn is celebrated with tasty ovules, porcini and chanterelles mushrooms dishes; a blaze of traditional dishes is typical of Winter and Christmas; during summer there are many first-rate crudités and seafood platters. At last, you can enjoy a rich choice of refined maison desserts and tasteful friandises (our Master of Pastry-making)  sweet surprises  that  make coffee time a real treat.