the Dishes of Milanese Tradition

La Pobbia 1850 is a reference point for lovers of Milanese gastronomy. The restaurant is a well-known address not only for those who already appreciate it, but also for those who wish to discover and appreciate authentic and tasty milanese cooking. Nowadays, as in the past, the attention and desire to restore and revive Milan’s most typical and traditional dishes are our distinguishing feature and a source of pride for our Restaurant.

In the Menu you will find a section specifically dedicated to Milanese Tradition’s Specialities entirely transcribed in milanese dialect with the invaluable help of the Milanese Philological Society.

The Milanese Tradition Menu offers, depending on the season and on the supply of raw materials, Milanese cooking’s specialty dishes:
must-try risottos, “mondeghili”, cabbage rolls and “insalata di nervetti” (nerves salad), Milanese veal chop, “Ossobuco in Gremolada”, “Rostin Negaa”, “Rostisciada”, stews, and during winter, “Cassoeula” and mixed boiled meats. There are also themed desserts, such as hot Zabaglione with “Pan Mein”.

In order to guide you in discovering delicious Milanese traditional cooking, La Pobbia 1850 offers you “I SPECIALITA’ DE LA TRADIZION MILANESA” – a complete guided Menu which wisely pairs some of our city’s most typical courses.